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4 Reasons to Outsource Backup Recovery

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, having a backup recovery system in place is crucial for securing your data and ensuring that if disaster ever strikes – you’re prepared. As essential as this protocol is to the operational continuity of a business, disaster recovery preparation often gets ignored or denied the attention and thought it deserves, until it is too late. Every business, no matter the size, should have a disaster recovery plan in place, and backup recovery plays a large role. Here are four reasons why backup recovery must be a priority, and why businesses are well advised to outsource it:


Protect your Data and your Business


In the modern age, technology is irreversibly intertwined with every required to keep a business operating smoothly, from data storage to customer communication to accounting. Every element of your organization relies upon this data at some point in the chain to ensure smooth operation. It should go without saying that protecting this data must be a top priority. On-site data backups have their place, but in the event of an on-site incident such as hardware failure, power failure, power surge, theft, or disaster such as fire or flood, this data will be lost. Outsourced backups ensure that your data is safely stowed away in a place that cannot be affected by an incident at your business location.  Outsourced backup recovery is an extra line of defense against elements, malicious or otherwise, that can disrupt and harm your business.


In the event of a failure, incident, or attack, outsourced backup recovery ensures that you can maintain business continuity, support your customers, and protect the reputation of your business and brand.


Rely on the Experts


In outsourcing backup recovery, you can leverage the expertise and experience of the IT company you work with. As disaster recovery experts, they can offer a range of services, from conducting an IT audit, preparing a disaster recovery plan, and then executing the plan in the event of an incident. A disaster recovery plan is meaningless without the knowledge, experience, and organization to follow through on the protocols. Having a disaster recovery specialist on your side will minimize disruption and ensure you can return to business as soon as possible. With external factors at place (especially in the event of theft, an attack, or a natural disaster), a comprehensive approach with a detailed recovery protocol is necessary.


The Recovery Plan


Developing a thorough, efficient, and effective recovery plan is the first and most important step in mitigating the potential for serious damage to business operations. However, developing this plan is merely the first step. The strategy, implementation and guidance for all employees are crucial factors in preventing any significant disruptions. Educate your employees about their role, both in preventing incidents in the first place and ensuring business continuity following a disaster.


Utilizing the Right Tools


With an abundance of tech tools available at your fingertips, it’s not always easy to know which ones are best suited for your line of business. That’s where IT service providers can help you select and implement the right recovery tools most suited to your business. Does an on-premises or off-premises solution make the most sense? Which backup services and applications are worthwhile and secure, and which are a waste of money? Recovery specialists can advise on the most suitable products for your needs and assist with deployment.


IT backup and disaster recovery should go hand-in-hand for any business that is serious about protecting their data and entire operational infrastructure.

We rely so much on technology these days to power business success, but it’s equally important to fortify a proper line of defense.


Contact us for a free assessment of your backup recovery protocol to ensure business continuity in the event of the unthinkable.


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