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4 Signs You Should Outsource Your IT Management

In the 21st century, IT is integral to business. From small start-ups to multinational enterprises, effective IT management is vital. In running a small business, there are two viable approaches to assuring IT can support and enhance your business goals. The first is to employ an in-house IT department, scaling as necessary to correspond with growth. The second option is to outsource IT services to a third party provider and leverage external resources, expertise, and proactive strategies to drive success. Here are four signs that the latter approach may be most advisable for your small business:


Your Business is Growing


If your company is undergoing significant growth, taking on new projects, or shifting service offerings, flexibility is essential. As companies grow, take on more work, adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) environment, or shift to mobile computing, needs change. Issues like collaboration, communication, and security take precedence. It can be increasingly difficult for a small internal IT department to keep pace. Outsourcing gives you that flexibility and freedom as your IT needs change and grow.


Wasting Money on Paid Training


If your business is using paid training to keep the IT guy up-to-date with knowledge and new techniques, this can not only leave a bigger dent in your funds down the road, but also demonstrates that there is lack the expertise in the department at the moment. Leveraging the knowledge and skills of IT professionals who already have expertise will allow you to allocate training budget to more beneficial avenues.


Need More Access to Resources


With an increasing amount of interconnected global businesses spanning multiple time zones and countries, and with more mobile office space and transient employees, having a managed services provider that you can count on and access to help at anytime, day or night can be invaluable. Customer service help desks are always there to help solve any issues that may arise with actionable solutions in a language you can understand.


Not Enough Time in the Day


If your company is undergoing rapid growth, but you’re finding that the hours of the day simply aren’t enough to allow you to pursue that growth, then consider it your warning sign to get some help. Outsourcing IT management can save both you time and money in the long run by providing professional service to make your IT department run efficiently and successfully.


If you feel like you can easily relate to any of these tell-tale signs, it may be time to explore IT outsourcing or IT co-sourcing to assist your internal department to pave a smooth path forward.

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