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6 Reasons to Switch to Office 365

Times are changing, especially when it comes to the world of technology, and that includes the way we communicate and share our ideas and information with one another. Cloud computing platforms like Office 365 are revolutionizing the way we collaborating and do business. In fact, Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever. This robust suite facilitates mobility and communication on a whole new level. If your organization hasn’t yet made the transition, here are six reasons why you should make the switch to Office 365.


1) Cost


With Office 365, you can get pay-as-you-go pricing. You can buy as many licenses as you need and alter your plan as your organizational needs change. The scalable deployment ensures your organization has the flexibility to reallocate resources as needed.


2) Storage through OneDrive


OneDrive is a great feature that comes as a part of the 365 package. This cloud storage service provides businesses with 1TB of storage space per user, allows files to be shared either internally or externally from your business, along with tools that enable control over what gets shared and seen by whom. OneDrive gives you flexibility and control.


3) Team Sites with SharePoint Online


Office 365 provides a built-in guidance feature to assist in day-to-day tasks, such as coordinating calendars, document libraries, task lists, and discussions. SharePoint provides user-friendly and intuitive document management systems for corporations large or small. It also provides you full control and customization of the layout in order to best reflect and complement your business processes.


4) Improve Communication and Collaboration with Skype for Business and Yammer


Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Yammer are features that simplify communication through conferencing, instant messaging and even video calls across all devices. It will transform the way you communicate with and manage remote workers, making a global workforce feel local like never before.


5) Work Remotely


Finally, with the services provided by Office 365, you or your employees can take their work anywhere in the world. In the office, at home, or on the go, your team has 24/7/365 access to all that Office 365 has to offer. In an increasingly mobile world, this untethered access promises to be revolutionary.


6) Eligible Non-Profit Organizations Receive Free Access


Eligible non-profits (Canadian charities registered with the CRA, federal non-profits registered with Industry Canada, or provincial non-profits registered with the corresponding provincial/territorial body) qualify for free licenses and subscriptions to O365. Get in touch to learn more and find out if your organization qualifies.


Considering these compelling advantages, it’s no surprise that last year Office 365 became the leading enterprise app, ahead of Salesforce, Box, and Google Apps for Work. It simplifies sharing, communication, collaboration, and can give your business the freedom and flexibility you need to reach that next level.


Ready to unlock the advantages of O365? Get in touch for a free trial!

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