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Guide to IT Support

Choosing the right IT provider for your business is not an easy task—and not one to be taken lightly.

IT Support Guide

A Business Owner’s IT Provider Guide

As the IT environment in the workplace continues to evolve in its capabilities and its complexity, there comes an increasing need to ensure that your network availability and business information are secure, while taking advantage of new technologies and IT practices to stay competitive.

However, although technology has revolutionized the way we work—in today’s economic environment, business are under enormous pressure to reduce costs while improving efficiency and productivity. Due to this financial strain and because the IT department is often ignored until there is a problem, it is normally the first place businesses cut their funding. With limited IT budgets, many businesses are often either relying on one or two IT generalists to manage a diverse set of IT areas – email, security, patching, network and server management and monitoring, as well as the applications that actually run their business—or they contract work out to a 3rd party they call on when they have computer issues. Both of these solutions, although seemingly cost effective up front, are often more detrimental than beneficial for your business.

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Why Should You Care About This?

There is nothing more frustrating or expensive than choosing the wrong computer consultant to support and manage your network. Choosing an inexperienced provider can cost you downtime, expensive repair bills, the loss of critical business data and the unnecessary headache of having to find another consultant to pick up the pieces. So how can you ensure your business network is protected by a reputable, knowledgeable and honest consultant without being surprised at the price every month?

Within this guide you will find:

• Information about Managed IT and why it makes sense for businesses.
• Pros and cons of outsourcing vs. internal IT solutions
• Questions to ask any potential consultant who will be supporting your network to help you determine the right one for your business.