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Is Your Business Vulnerable to these Major Cyber Security Threats?

Vulnerability is something we all strive to avoid, especially when it comes to running a business. As companies inevitably turn towards the convenience and proficiency of technology, they must also tackle issues of complexity and vulnerability. Cyberattacks are an increasing risk that require proactive internal and external measures to keep your small business safe. Here are the top major cyber security threats to watch out for in 2016:


Spearphishing via Email


We all know how much spam and junk can pile up in our emails. They may seem relatively harmless, but email still remains one of the most common platforms in which cyber security threats and breaches occur. This new “spearphishing” technique in particular, has been emerging as a threat that aims at obtaining key members of organizations and targeting them for authentication theft, including identity and other sensitive data. The best practice is to always avoid opening any suspicious looking emails, even if the message appears to come from a trusted contact or reputable company. Exercise supreme caution when opening any attachments or clicking any links in an email.


Attacks via Mobile Devices


Mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) devices that are continuously on the move and plugged into a variety of enterprise networks contain some of the most widespread vulnerabilities. Without sufficient security practices and protective software implemented, it leaves a window of opportunity open for system intrusions, along with malicious attacks that can do some hefty damage to your network and business. Mobile device security software is a must – not just laptops, smartphones, and tablets, but everything activity trackers to home automation devices is a potential target.


Ransomware and Extortion Hacks


On the more extreme end of cyber attacks, encrypted hacks that can infiltrate your network and delete data can wreak havoc on any individual, business or enterprise if they do occur. These attacks are caused by criminals who have the ability to delete data and will often hold it captive for a ransom. With increasing attacks occurring on smaller businesses and larger enterprises, you can imagine the damage these criminals can inflict.


Security hacks, breaches of information, and even extortion of information are all real threats that every business must consider as a potential hazard that they must take measures to avoid.. As more businesses depend on mobility and technology, proper security devices, practices, and software are a must for protecting sensitive information and keeping your company out of the line of fire as an easy target. Being proactive about IT security, investing in access management systems, and educating employees on the severity of security measures that have been implemented are all key elements in keeping your network of information tight and secure.


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