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The Challenges Small Business Face in a BYOD World 0

The Challenges Small Business Face in a BYOD World

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 in Blog, Business Image

The way that we work is changing and this means that “bring your own device” (BYOD) workforce mobility is now on the rise. According to a 2013 study, Canada leads the world in BYOD workplaces, with 75% of Canadian businesses supporting the use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets. While a BYOD workplace is convenient and has advantages in terms of productivity and flexibility, it also presents challenges, especially to small business owners. Today, we’re going to share some of these challenges and explore different methods to overcome these challenges and power your business. At its best, BYOD makes it easier for employees to be productive and offers teams more flexibility and cost savings. However, personal devices are now being utilized with corporate systems and interfacing with company data. As a consequence, without proper safeguards in place data protection is a major vulnerability. Data Leakage Mobile devices are often the weakest links in terms of IT security, as they are the most vulnerable to attack. According to a study by BT Americas (PDF link), 68% of global organizations have suffered mobile security breaches in 2014. Despite this fact, according to the study 34% of U.S. organizations do not have a BYOD policy in place – similar figures apply to Canada....

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How to Make Your Clients Love You!

Posted by on Feb 14, 2014 in Blog, Business Image

Since today is a day all about love and relationships, I thought it was fitting to talk about the special relationship between businesses and their clients. Although people would argue that a client relationship and a romantic relationship are different, there are actually more similarities than you would think! Much like any romantic relationship, a business relationship also needs to be nurtured in order to keep the spark alive. Think about it. What makes a happy client? A happy client is one whose needs and expectations have been and continue to be fulfilled throughout your time together. Sounds pretty similar to any type of romantic relationship to me! Also, with all the competition out there, it’s not enough to create a so-so experience for your relationship. In order to keep your client interested, they need to fall head over heels with your products and services, be overwhelmed with your customer service skills and be completely devoted to your brand! So how do you ensure your clients don’t get swayed by the competition? Here are 7 simple ways to make your clients commit to you and your brand! 1. Get Them Talking Communication is key in any great relationship! How can you hope to meet a clients’ needs if you...

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Should Employees Access Social Media at Work?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Blog, Business Image, Productivity, Social Media

For companies, resistance to social media is futile. Millions of people are creating content for the social web. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there for a long time. If your business isn’t putting itself out there, it ought to be. – BusinessWeek 2009 The million dollar question: Should employees be allowed on social media sites at work? When it comes to this debate, there seems to be an even split of opinions on the subject according to discussions in the Harvard Business Review Group on LinkedIn. Speaking from my own personal experience, I have worked for companies who completely block social media sites from their servers and those who give free reign to their employees to access whatever they want online. I’ll let you in on a little secret: regardless of the stance on social media access of the company I worked for, my social media consumption still remained the same. Oh the joys of mobile phones! Not to pop the bubble of any business owners out there, but if your employees want to access social media, they are going to do so—with or without your consent. So rather than asking the question: should employees be allowed on social media sites at work, we should...

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Use IT Downtime to Build Brand Reputation

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Blog, Business Image, Social Media

A client has just entered her credit card information on your site and clicked submit, just as your network goes down. She waits for a few seconds before it loads to a screen that says your site is temporarily unavailable. She hits refresh and is faced with the same message. Did her credit card go through or not? She isn’t sure. She gets fed up, after having refreshed the screen three more times, and has since landed on her Facebook page. “I’m going to tell my friends about this horrible situation I just experienced.” With that thought, she posts an angry message about how your company has inconvenienced her day and links your Company Page. When it comes to protecting your business, I’m sure you have been beaten to death with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (I promise you that is not what this article is about!). Now, while having these internal plans are extremely important, what about a plan for the external relations of your organization in the case of disaster? As mentioned in “Downtime Costs SMBs a Lot More Than They Actually Realize”, SMBs are often unaware of the different ways their business can be affected should their systems go down. Customer Loss and Damage to...

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Downtime Costs More Than You Realize

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Backup and Disaster Recovery, Blog, Business Image

Many SMB owners think IT downtime only costs them a few productive hours, but there’s a lot more at stake when your systems go down. Customer satisfaction and loss of brand integrity are just two of the key losses apart from the more evident costs such as lost productivity and a temporary dip in sales. Here’s a few other ways downtime can hurt your business: 1. Customer Loss – Today’s buyer lacks patience. They are used to getting everything at the click of a mouse, at the tap of a finger. Suppose they are looking for the kind of products or services that your business offers and your site doesn’t load or is unavailable — even if temporarily – you are likely to lose them to a competitor permanently. 2. Damage to Brand Reputation – Customers are now using Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to vent their bad brand experiences. Imagine an irate customer who doesn’t know if their card was charged on your site, or not, due to a server error. If it’s your bad day, they could use one of these mediums to share their bad experience, which could be viewed by hundreds of people (not to mention, be available if a new...

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How ‘Mobile’ Is Your SMB?

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Blog, Business Image, Mobile

Did you know that by 2015 there will be more mobile web surfers than stationary ones? That means more prospects are accessing your business website more through their smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices than with a laptop or PC. If you thought you had time to make the switch closer to 2015, you may want to reconsider in light of new research. A recent study revealed that around 40% of prospects move on to a competitor if they have a poor mobile experience. How prepared is your business for this change? Well, if you are just starting out, the following checklist will help… Make sure your mobile site is different from your regular website – While you must stick to your branding standards, your mobile website should be simpler than your web version. The reason being is that complicated designs that load well and look good on computers are often distorted when accessed through a mobile device. Plus, mobile surfers don’t really have the time to sift through a lot of content. Bottom line: your website’s mobile friendly version should be short, simple and sweet…offering your viewers the most important and basic sections of your website. Option to access the actual website – That said, do provide...

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