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4 Signs You Should Outsource Your IT Management 0

4 Signs You Should Outsource Your IT Management

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Blog, Managed Services

In the 21st century, IT is integral to business. From small start-ups to multinational enterprises, effective IT management is vital. In running a small business, there are two viable approaches to assuring IT can support and enhance your business goals. The first is to employ an in-house IT department, scaling as necessary to correspond with growth. The second option is to outsource IT services to a third party provider and leverage external resources, expertise, and proactive strategies to drive success. Here are four signs that the latter approach may be most advisable for your small business:   Your Business is Growing   If your company is undergoing significant growth, taking on new projects, or shifting service offerings, flexibility is essential. As companies grow, take on more work, adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) environment, or shift to mobile computing, needs change. Issues like collaboration, communication, and security take precedence. It can be increasingly difficult for a small internal IT department to keep pace. Outsourcing gives you that flexibility and freedom as your IT needs change and grow.   Wasting Money on Paid Training   If your business is using paid training to keep the IT guy up-to-date with knowledge and new techniques, this can not only leave a...

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5 Benefits of Offloading Small Business IT to a Managed Services Provider 0

5 Benefits of Offloading Small Business IT to a Managed Services Provider

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Blog, Managed Services

Outsourcing IT management to a dedicated IT company is a smart strategy, particularly for small businesses. This cost-effective and savvy decision is becoming more commonplace these days, especially as businesses scale and it becomes increasingly challenging to manage everything effectively in-house. Our list of five key benefits is designed to help you make a wise and informed decision about whether or not it makes sense to outsource your business’ IT needs to a managed services provider. You’ll Save Money in the Long Term (Take Control of Shadow IT) As your company grows, your IT needs will increase as well. You might have the workload to justify a full-time IT specialist, but does such an expense make sense for your company’s overall financial picture? When you choose a respected managed IT services provider, the price of outsourcing will be affordable and transparent. You’ll Benefit from a Proactive Approach Clients want great performance and fewer IT roadblocks.. Trusting your IT needs in the hands of a managed IT provider who takes a proactive approach to isolate problems before they cause issues will stop them from snowballing into more complicated problems that may trigger downtime. IT Expertise Will Be At Your Fingertips Hiring a good company will put you closer to experienced...

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The Real Cost: Internal IT vs Outsourced IT – Part 1

Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Blog, Managed Services

When it comes to the management of your IT network and technologies, small-to-medium sized businesses have two alternatives – hiring internal IT support or outsourcing IT support to a third party provider. After speaking with many business owners and technology decision makers, what has been observed is that many have and continue to rely on a single employee to take care of all their IT requirements, more often than not this is a relative or a friend of a friend who these business owners are trusting with the success of their entire business. Many have been operating in this fashion for many years and (luckily) until now have not had any issues in doing so. Now, while I’m sure your IT employee is a really great worker and has always been able to support your organization, I caution you, as a business owner, to understand why having a single person to manage your business’ IT network is extremely risky and not to mention, a lot more expensive than the outsourced IT alternative. In this two part series, we will discuss the real cost of IT when dealing with internal IT versus outsourced IT. In part 1, we will discuss the real cost of internal IT. The Cost of Hiring...

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Have You Outgrown Your Break/Fix IT Support?

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Blog, Managed Services, Productivity

Source: whoishostingthis.com The success and innovation of your company is strongly correlated to the quality and availability of your IT solution. Therefore, if your business is still relying on a break/fix model of IT support, you are not only failing to identify the root of your technology problems but you are also hindering your business’ growth and success. In this article we will discuss how you can tell if you have outgrown your break/fix IT solution and why you should look to Managed IT Services to help your business reach new heights. What is break/fix support? Break/fix is when you deal with your technology needs on an emergency “as needed” basis. Meaning, something breaks and you call someone to come and fix the problem. More often than not, this type of support is a Band-Aid solution that doesn’t get rid of the problem, but rather masks it until it breaks again down the line and the cycle begins again. One of the biggest problems with break/fix and the companies who offer this type of IT support is that they make money when there is a problem with your technology. In order for them to continue getting business, they need to ensure that your problem will reoccur so they can...

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Internal vs Outsourced IT: Why Not Have Both?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Blog, Managed Services, Productivity

Image source: Supply Chain Retails If you believe your business needs to choose between internal IT and outsourcing your technology needs to a third party provider, think again! In this article we will discuss how your business can increase the productivity of your internal IT team by supplementing it with outsourced IT support. Have the Best of Both Worlds! For any business today, their success is often attributed to the strength and expertise of their IT team. For this reason, many businesses are unsure of whether to staff an internal IT team or to outsource this support entirely. For those businesses who already have an internal team, there is no doubt that your IT team has a strong knowledge of the technological needs of your organization. However, with the velocity of technological advancements and their ever-evolving components, it is difficult for one or two individuals to stay on top of it all and this is where outsourcing can be an asset. How Do I Start? Audit Talents and Tools. Take note of the expertise of your current team and the tools they are competent to work with. Compare these skills against today’s technology tools, tasks and roles. This will also help you to uncover any weaknesses that can be...

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Selling Managed Services to the CFO

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Blog, Managed Services, Productivity

Image source: theguardian Since Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are becoming more and more involved in the decision making process of whether or not to outsource IT, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss ways a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or a member of the executive team could successfully prepare to present the idea of outsourcing IT to their financial counterparts. In order to gain some insight about the type of questions and concerns a CFO would have about outsourcing IT functions to a third party provider, I was able to ask Intega IT’s very own CFO, Maryline Cauvier. As the former CFO and CEO of Code Inc., she is all too familiar with the question of whether or not to outsource IT functions and when asked about what would influence her decision, she explains it is all about “minimizing the risk”. Do the benefits and the costs coincide? When asked if reducing costs would be the only reason to outsource IT, she explained that although building the bottom line was important, it was not the be all and end all of her decision making process. She explained that CFOs will want to know whether or not the costs coincide with the benefits of outsourcing IT functions....

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