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IT Consulting ServicesNot sure of your future IT requirements? Or are you in a pinch and need some immediate IT technical support? We can step in with strategic IT professional services and/or tactical IT technical support.

When you outsource IT functions to Intega IT, our certified and security cleared management team can quickly assess your situation and provide you with long or short term IT professional services that will help you achieve your business goals and make your organization more successful.

Our outsourced IT team members can become an integral part of your team, allowing you to:

  • Significantly reduce costs by avoiding salary, benefits and bonus costs of an additional senior it management person in your organization.
  • Provide access to knowledgeable and up-to-date IT management professionals who know industry best practices and compliance requirements.

Our IT Professional Services include:

  • IT services strategy
  • IT security
  • IT budget forecasting
  • Network, Server and Desktop planning
  • Back up and disaster recovery
  • Cloud Strategy

Our IT Technical Services include:

  • IT Project Management
  • Operating system integration
  • Email monitoring systems
  • Remote desktop services
  • Server/Workstation/Storage deployment
  • Network/Wireless deployment
  • Patch Management

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