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IT ServicesIntega IT understands that, in regards to your business, one size does not fit all. Since 2001, Intega IT has been helping organizations with their IT services needs, big or small.  Our goal is helping you rest assured that your business can remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

With the assistance of the Intega IT team, you can rest assured that your business and future IT needs will be identified and addressed. We offer a full range of IT services to support your business and its specific needs.

Our network specialists have years of industry knowledge and they are there to make your IT selection a no hassle experience from inquiry to implementation. Our goal is to work with your organization to ensure your IT services accelerate your business. Your success is our success.

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Managed IT Services

Unlike the traditional break/fix IT model, Managed IT functions on a proactive model. Whether your business requires end-to-end IT services and support or you would prefer to work in partnership with your existing IT staff, Managed IT is an effective way to improve the efficiency of the operations at your business.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Computing works by providing your business with virtual servers over the internet. Cloud services provide a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without having to invest in new infrastructures. They can provide flexibility and scalability and are fully customizable to the needs of your business. Let us tell you if there is a cloud fit and how it can support your business.

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Green IT

Green IT carries benefits in terms of energy cost reduction, lowering your businesses’ carbon footprint, and good corporate citizenship in helping the local community. Your business can save between $20-$40 per machine, each month, via Power Management alone. Talk to us about how Green IT can benefit your business.

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IT Consulting Services

Are you unsure of your future IT requirements? Looking for short or long term IT professional services to make your business more successful? We offer strategic IT professional and/or tactical IT technical support that will help you answer these questions and help your business plan for the future.

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Hosted Solutions

We understand that no two businesses have the same IT requirements and that is why we offer a wide range of hosted solutions. We understand that having access to the most up to date and high performance software is essential for running a successful business. Don’t let the high prices associated with keeping up with technology force your company to compromise.

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More than ever, employees are bringing their own devices to work. According to Forrester Research, 53% of employees use their own devices at work. This trend can pay off for your business by adding as many as 240 productivity hours a year for each mobile employee. However, before deciding to implement a BYOD program, let us help you navigate the risks.

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IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

By providing both on and off-site backups along with clear and precise operating instructions and tools, we ensure that, in the unfortunate event of a disaster, your business can be back up and operational with minimal disturbance to your employees and clients.

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Security Solutions

Whether your business is large or small, security is a critical element of your IT portfolio. The risks of a data breach, theft or sabotage of information are just too great not to adequately protect your business. Before offering a security solution, we will assess the strength of your existing network and make recommendations that will ensure your business is properly protected.

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Whether your business completely relies on computer equipment or just requires a computer for electronic documents, reports or finances, in today’s digital world, keeping up with new and emerging technologies has become an integral part of staying in business. HaaS reduces your hardware costs to a simple monthly fee and we’ll replace them every 3 years.

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