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Bring-Your-Own-DeviceAccording to Forrester Research, 53% of employees use their own devices at work, and that this trend can pay off for your business by adding as many as 240 productivity hours a year for each mobile employee.

Intega IT will help you implement your BYOD policy according to best practices. We can leverage remote mobile device management (MDM) tools to enforce your BYOD policies, enhance security, disable roaming, push new company wifi passwords, geolocate lost or stolen devices, remotely lock the phone or wipe data and much more!

Bring-Your-Own-Device Challenge – Balancing Risks and Rewards

With new levels of connectivity comes additional risks and rewards. Now IT departments of all sizes are trying to address BYOD security and management challenges all while attempting to keep employees happy. When an employee brings their own device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and connects to the corporate network, sensitive data is often accessed that can then be easily lost and fall into the wrong hands.

With the right plan and policies you can still allow employees to leverage their devices and boost their productivity, yet mitigate many risks inherent in BYOD.

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