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Green ITGreen IT carries benefits in terms of energy cost reduction, lowering your businesses’ carbon footprint and good corporate citizenship in helping the local community.

By optimizing technology energy consumption via power management best practices, Intega IT helps you lower your utility bill from otherwise power heavy devices and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. We offers a wide range of Green IT solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Talk to us about how Green IT solutions can benefit your business.

Our Green IT Solutions include:

Cloud computing

An increasing number of businesses are adopting Cloud services as the concept and benefits of “The Cloud” becomes better understood. Some examples of common Cloud solutions for small business include: Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Remote Backup.

There are many advantages to moving to the Public or Private Cloud, including energy savings and eliminating hardware-related costs. But there are also some disadvantages that must be analyzed to ensure that The Cloud is right for your business needs or the application(s) in question. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll tell you if there is a cloud fit.

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Power Utilization Optimization

Using our best-practices approach to IT energy consumption optimization, we will help your company realize these cost savings.This can include ensuring that any new hardware meet Energy Star 5.2 standards, optimizing the device configurations to ensure optimal power utilization and remotely ensuring desktops are shut down each evening.

IT Recycling and Donation

In partnership with Habitat for Humanity NCR “ReStore” program and other charitable partners, we ensure “green” recycling of any legacy technology and donations of obsolete but usable technology to the third world.

Server Virtualization

Make the most of your existing IT assets through consolidation of physical servers using virtualization. This process allows you to maximize your server capacity, decrease energy consumption and retire or re-purpose some physical servers to take on new tasks. The end result is cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint.