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IT Backup and Disaster RecoveryWhat would happen to your business in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster? What if you were hit with a flood, tornado or a fire? Or an employee accidently erased your complete customer database? What if you lost all your valuable business data? Could your business survive?

At Intega IT we take measures to ensure that back ups are fully redundant. With both on and off-site solutions, we’ll also supply tools and resources to ensure your business continues with minimal business interruption in the event of the unthinkable. We can audit your environment for risks, create a custom disaster recovery plan, train employees and help you implement disaster procedures that will maximize uptime and allow everyone to sleep easier.

Our IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Services can prepare your business for any of the following emergency situations:

  • Sabotage, viruses, cyber attacks, hackers
  • Power failures and disruptions
  • Communications sector failures
  • Transportation, safety, and service failures
  • Environmental issues
  • Floods, blizzards, hurricanes, fires
  • Human error
  • System failure
  • Theft