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IT SecurityWhether your business is large or small, security is a critical element of your IT portfolio. The risks of a data breach, theft or sabotage of information is just too great not to ensure you’re protected. We can help.

Since we know how important your data security is to keeping you in business, we’ve made it free and easy for you to assess potential risks. When you work with Intega IT, we will first assess the integrity of your existing network so that we may discuss ways to make your network more secure and reliable. Talk to us about what you would like technology to do for your business and we will help your business goals become a reality.

Our IT Security Services include:

Consultancy Services

    • Developing an IT security end user Training manual
    • Conduct training seminars to end users
    • Documentation review of existing security policies, procedures and guideline
    • Developing a solution design documentation for all network setup
    • Preparation for ISO27001 certification which includes

– Building an Information Security Management System (ISMS) program – Developing IT Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment plans – Developing Statement of Applicability SOA – Carrying out Gap Analysis task – Conducting Internal ISMS Audit

We’ve created some documents to get your business started:

The Basics of Securing Your Business (380 KB)What is Network Security? (174 KB)

Technical Services

  • Firewall Auditing
  • Network Security assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • McAfee Saas managed services end security solutions
  • Windows managed services Patch management solution

Want to test your current network security?

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