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John RobinsonWhether you’re looking to off-load your IT or you need specific support, Intega IT is an IT support company that is here to help.

Intega is a boutique IT support company with over 12 years experience in the Ottawa community. We partner with our clients to deliver tailored and cost effective IT services with a full 360°/24-hour-a-day IT support plan. With our standard concierge IT service and as your trusted IT partner, we take care of all your IT vendor needs, delivering unsurpassed IT service so you can focus on running your day-to-day business.




Why Choose Intega IT?

We Deliver One Personalized Level of Support

We believe one single phone call should provide you with the answer you’re looking for. At Intega IT you never experience a tiered support call where you are passed from one person to the next and having to explain and re-explain your challenge.

We Talk Business, Not IT

At Intega our CEO and CTO meet with you directly at your location of choice so we can better understand your business challenges.

We Run as a Lean Team

Our support team is made up of engineers. We have no sales people, only a team of dedicated practitioners who work to solve your challenges fast and effectively.

We Insist on Service – When You Call We Answer

Intega prides itself on fast response times. Your service request calls are always answered within four minutes ensuring that we solve your issues immediately.

We Provide a Simple Pricing Model

Intega pricing is easy to understand, flexible and relevant to your business. We allow you to get started quickly and expand for a fair and reasonable price as your business grows. Our model is built on transparency.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide peace of mind for small-medium business owners. To work with them as an integrated, dependable and trusted advisor to develop quality and innovative business solutions. Through expert knowledge, experience, integrity and ingenuity, Intega IT will ensure that its customer’s information systems are always available, scalable and secure.

Choose Intega IT and have your PCs, servers, data backup and IT strategy cared for by experts so you can get on with the business of growing your business.

Want to work with Intega IT?

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