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Download some of our client case studies to learn about how Intega IT can help you:

Gary Lamers, Financial Controller
Gary Lamers, Financial Controller York Entertainment
The biggest advantage of working with Intega IT is the payroll support they have provided to us – whether it was the original set up or the ongoing day to day tech support.

Éric Hébert-Daly, Executive Director
Éric Hébert-Daly, Executive Director Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Whether it’s helping us out to quickly replace a lost power cord, cleaning a desktop or sitting down with us to strategize on future IT needs, Intega IT has always stood up to our IT challenges and I’m so happy we’ve had them as our valued partner for all these years.
Gregory Scott, Chief Financial Officer
Gregory Scott, Chief Financial Officer Gencon Capital Resources
After we signed with Intega IT they resolved the first issue within one hour – a problem our previous provider couldn’t fix. Intega IT has become our trusted IT Services partner.
Daniel C. Fernandes, LL.B.
Daniel C. Fernandes, LL.B. Daniel C. Fernandes Law Office
As my practice has grown, the importance of IT has become even more critical. I need to ensure that if the unthinkable happens, my business is protected and can be back up and operational the next day at a new location. My clients trust that I have their business protected which means protecting my own.
Donna Hicks, Chief Executive Officer
Donna Hicks, Chief Executive Officer Habitat for Humanity, National Capital Region
The level of responsive and proactive support that Intega IT has provided us over the years has helped us to scale our capital requirements as our NCR affiliate has grown. Intega IT has helped us strategize and be proactive on our requirements which helps us grow within our budget