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Customize Default Settings in Word
For as long as I can remember, I have been using Microsoft Word to create documents and I have always been happy with the application and how it works. However, the one thing I always found myself doing was having to change the font and the spacing when beginning a new document. Although this was not a huge deal, it was a little annoying to have to do every time.

It was only recently that it was brought to my attention that you can change the default settings so that every time you open a new document your changes remain the same. I thought this was so awesome and a real time saver that it should be shared!

So in order to help you save a little time, here is how you can change your default settings to get started on your documents right away!

Change the Normal Template


Right click anywhere in your document. Click “Font”. You will be brought to the menu where you can pick the font, the font style, the size, the colour and any effects you would like to include. Choose the settings that you would like and when you are finished you will click on “Set as Default”. You will be prompted to choose to make the settings default for this document only or all new documents. Choose the option “All documents based on the Normal template”. Now when you open a new document, this will be the default font.

Change Default Font in Word


Right click anywhere in your document. Click “Paragraph”. Like you experienced with the font menu, you will be brought to a menu where you can change the paragraph settings. Here you can make changes to the alignment, indentation and spacing of your paragraphs. I personally only focus on the spacing part of this menu but it depends on how you would like your paragraphs formatted. Once you have selected your settings, click on “Set as Default”. Just like with the font menu, you will be prompted to choose to make the settings default for this document only or for all new documents. Choose the option “All documents based on Normal template” to ensure the changes will remain for future documents.

Change Default Paragraph Settings in Word

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is part of the ribbon interface of Word and can be found in the upper left corner of the program. The default of this toolbar only includes Save, Undo and Redo; however, it can also be changed.

Add Tools to the Quick Access Toolbar

While there are many tools and features that can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar, these are some that I felt might be helpful (of course you can add more or ones that are important to you!):

– Quick Print
– Spelling and Grammar
– Print Preview

To add additional tools to this Quick Access Toolbar, click the down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar to show all options and click the relevant tools you would like displayed. On the other hand, if you would like to remove items you have added to the Toolbar, you can hover over the item that has been added, right click and click “Remove from Quick Access Toolbar”.

I hope you have found this article useful and that you will implement these changes into your own version of Word if you haven’t already! Have your own customized settings that make your life easier when using Word? Let us know by commenting below!

For more help with Word or any other Microsoft Office 365 programs, we can help!

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